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Residential Elevators

A residential elevator is the ultimate form of convenience. It gives you easy access to every floor in your home, allowing you to carry just about anything with little effort. Not only will it improve your lifestyle, a residential elevator will also increase the resale value of your home.

Rotor Elevators can install your lift into your home or commercial space. In fact, elevators are so space-efficient, some models can take up as little room as a small closet. Most residential elevators often require less space than a staircase.

Available in several finishes, your residential elevator can easily be tailor made to match the style and design of your home.

With a large selection of elevators for you to choose from in different styles, sizes, and weight capacities, Rotor Elevators can install the right elevator for you.

Below is a list of Residential Elevators we can install for you.

Standard weight capacity: 1000 lbs
Travel Capacity: 60 feet
Savaria Concord's most cutting-edge residential elevator, the Eclipse combines a smooth, stable ride with minimal space requirements. The Eclipse takes less time to install because it doesn't call for a machine room, which means fewer modifications are needed in your home. This practical and efficient elevator can be customized to match your home with fifteen different finishes.

Standard weight capacity: 1000 lbs
Travel Capacity: 60 feet
You'll appreciate this residential elevator's smooth and quiet performance thanks to its precise hydraulic drive system. This powerful and robust elevator, which requires a machine room, can be installed in new or existing homes and is easy to repair and maintain. Standard weight capacity of 1000 lbs.

Standard weight capacity: 1400 lbs
Travel Capacity: 50 feet
Make the ride even more pleasant for your clientele and choose the Prolift Voyager. This great elevator can be customized in a large variety of colours, sizes, finishes and other options to match your surroundings.

Standard weight capacity: 500 lbs
Travel Capacity: 16 feet
The Telecab maximizes living space and keeps construction to a minimum by eliminating the need for a hoistway. It is an economical, attractive and dependable solution, allowing mobility-impaired people to move from one floor to another.

Standard weight capacity: 1000 lbs
Travel Capacity: 60 feet
Renaissance delivers an unexpected return on your investment—higher resale value. It’s an amenity that offers both convenience and proven luxury appeal. So you’ll benefit from your elevator today and also when you sell your home.

Standard weight capacity: 1000 lbs
Travel Capacity: 60 feet
The Panorama can be designed into new home construction or added to existing homes, designed with the customer in mind, with a multitude of premium features, finishes and colour options. Delivering quite, smooth, dependable operation day in and day out.

Standard weight capacity: 950 lbs
The Legacy home elevator requires no mechanical room and minimal overhead drive space, to easily fit into new or existing homes. The Legacy has many standard and optional features to help you in creating a customized home elevator to meet all of your needs.

Standard weight capacity: 500 lbs to 950 lbs
Elevette is America's number one brand of elevator. "Custom" is standard for "Inclinator". Each "Elevette" elevator is hand-crafted, making it truly unique is easy. Simply select from five car styles, then begin customizing.