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Prolift Voyager (Savaria Concord)

Make the ride even more pleasant and choose the Prolift Voyager. This great elevator features the same options as the SCL, but can be customized in a large variety of colours, sizes, finishes and other options to match your surroundings. The Voyager is also suitable for residential use when a more heavy-duty model is required.

  • Cutting edge residential elevator.
  • Takes less time to install, no machine room.
  • Practical and efficient with several safety features.
  • Tons of optional features.
  • Can be custom matched to your home, 15 different finishes to choose from.

Standard Equipment

  • Requires only a shallow 14" (356mm) deep pit and 96" (2438mm) of overhead space for easy adaptation to new or existing structures
  • Emergency Battery Powered Lowering with Automatic Battery Recharging System in the event of a main building power failure
  • 1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive System provides smooth, quiet, safe and dependable operation
  • Submersible Hydraulic Pump for quiet, efficient operation
  • Large standard cab platform size of 35" (890mm) wide by 60" (1525mm) deep
  • Automatic Emergency Cab Lighting in the event of a main building power failure
  • Travel distance of up to 40 feet (12m) and 5 stops
  • Slack Cable Safety Device monitors cable status. If the device detects a slack cable condition, the lift "safeties" immediately operate to stop the lift and prevent further movement
  • Variable two-speed valve available with automatic operation for graduated speed control for soft stops and starts
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Stainless steel control panel/trim
  • Attractive digital floor indicator
  • Solid ceiling with four recessed incandescent down-lights
  • Illuminated push button car and landing control stations
  • Automatic time lighting
  • Emergency alarm button and stop switch

Safety Features

  • Slack Rope Safeties that instantly lock the elevator onto the rails the moment any lifting cable loses tension
  • Negative Pressure Module valve prevents car movement if hydraulic pressure is lost
  • Backup Lighting powered by emergency battery
  • Flow Control Valve to prevent over-speed in the down direction
  • Interlocks provided, which maintain the door in the closed and locked position before elevator can move
  • Dictator Option for high wind pressure hoistways

Optional Equipment

  • 2 Hour Fire Rated Automatic Swing Door with Interlocks
  • 2 Hour Fire Rated Manual Swing Door with Interlocks
  • Automatic Accordion Style Folding Car Gates
  • Manual Accordion Style Folding Car Gates
  • Telephone cabinet in stainless steel
  • Power folding car gate with automatic operation
  • A variety of cab sizes up to 47" (1194mm) x 60" (1525mm) and 35" x 84" Casket Lift Cab
  • Variable Speed Valve for soft stops and starts with automatic operation
  • Manual or automatic Pro Door features a 2 hour UL/ULC fire rated assembly, 35" (890mm) door opening, concealed electrical/mechanical true interlock, integrated call station in door frame with in use lights, aluminum checker plate landing sill, digital floor display and 24 volt-DC controls with emergency battery backup


  • Rated Load: 1,400 lbs. (635 kg.)
  • Rated Speed: 30 fpm (0.15 m/s)
  • Car Dimensions: 47W x 60D (1194 W x 1524 D mm)
  • Operation: Constant pressure or automatic (where permitted) floor selective
  • Power Supply: 220 Single Phase, 50 Amps or 208 Three Phase, 30 Amps
  • Travel Distance: 50 feet (15m) Maximum where permitted, (B355-approx 23 ft
  • (7m) Maximum)
  • Levels Served: Maximum 4
  • Number of Openings: Maximum 2
  • Lighting Supply: 110-Volt, Single Phase, 60 Cycle, 15 Amps
  • Door Opening: 35 x 6-8 (890 x 2030 mm) Nominal
  • Jack Type: 1:2 Cable Hydraulic
  • Pump Type: Submersible Type
  • Door Type: Pro-Auto Door, 2 hr. UL/ULC Fire Rated Door
  • Leveling Device Type: Magnetic Floor Scanner
  • Backed by the Savaria Concord Limited Warranty wich covers the repair or replacement of any defective parts for a period of 36 months from date of shipment